Photo: Chris Osler

Photo: Chris Osler

Founded in 2015, Tree Fest Ottawa connects people with trees, inspires dialogue and learning, and transforms how we see, engage with, and act in the world around us.

We use the power of photographs, stories  and experiences to capture public attention and encourage people to take action to protect the trees in our environment – and plant new native trees. 

Why we need to act now

Trees in Ottawa and elsewhere are threatened by our indifference, how little we know about them, and how much we take them for granted. Collectively we can make a difference to change this.

Tree Fest Ottawa inspires people to protect and preserve the city's trees and get involved with tree planting and other initiatives to expand our urban forest, connect with our neighbours and build a more livable city. 


The People Behind Tree Fest Ottawa

Tree Fest Ottawa is made up of a core group of volunteers who work together to develop community partnerships and plan events to engage the public on issues related to trees. With a diversity of skills and experience, they share a passion for trees, nature and the arts, urban design, placemaking and an interest to foster greater understanding and appreciation for trees and the benefits they provide. 

Key contributors are: Christine Earnshaw, Chris Osler, Margo Nelson, Lara Griffiths, Laura Stone and Laurel Ralston, as well as many others who contribute their time, expertise and experience to support the organization and its programming. 


Tree Fest Ottawa Founders 

Christine Earnshaw

Christine has worked with a number of community and international development organizations in the fields of health, education and the environment. As someone who has spent considerable time in wilderness and urban green spaces, she is passionate about the natural world. With a life-long interest in photography, Christine believes that photographs and stories have the potential to inspire, educate and lead to positive change. 

Chris Osler

Chris is a Project Coordinator and Community Developer with a passion for public spaces, the connection between nature and health, social documentary photography and social justice.   A founder of Arts in Action, the Photographers Association of Malawi, griotphoto, and fieldwork, Chris has worked with non-profit and non-governmental organizations locally and internationally for more than 25 years. As an experienced social documentary photographer, Chris is one of Tree Fest Ottawa's core photographers. 

Kathleen Gotts

Kathleen is a writer/editor with a love of nature and the arts. She is a strong believer in the nurturing force of nature and loves to be out among trees, even if it's just in her own backyard. A wordsmith to her core, her aim is to stimulate learning that sneaks up, makes you smile as you think, and definitely doesn't feel like a chore. Kathleen is supporting Tree Fest Ottawa's concept development, growth and communications.