October 1st - Ecology Day: All Activities are free

Location:  Brewer Park at Brewer Pond 

10am - 3pm 

Large-Scale Photography Exhibit:  

PhotoSynthesis is a photography exhibit that engages, informs, and inspires with images and perspectives of eight tree specialists from the Ottawa area, including a world-leading botanist and medical biologist, community activists, foragers and maple syrup producers, a violin maker, a forester, and a family physician. 

Craft table, chairs, outdoor library, bird watching station 


Merry Dairy - Serving premium frozen custard and Merry Pops made in part from locally harvested fruit from edible fruit trees. 

Cidar, apples and other snacks available

Free Tree Give-Away

Tree seedings will be available through Ecology Ottawa in memory of Jim MacNeill, Canadian environmentalist and international public servant.

Special Events 

10am - 2pm - Field Studies Research Station with Carleton University's Department of Geography and Environmental Studies

Visit a research station set up by a professor and a few fourth year geography students to conduct field studies on the vegetation, soil and water around Brewer Pond. On this day the focus is on water. Learn how water testing is carried out and interact with students about conducting field studies of this nature. 

10am - 12pm - Ecology Day - Workshop on the Ecology of Brewer Pond lead by Rideau Valley Conservation Authority (RVCA)

Join a 2-hour workshop led by Adrienne Lewis and Rosario Castanon-Escobar, Rideau Valley Conservation Authority Aquatic Resource Technicians. The activity will consist of a benthic invertebrate/ fish sampling demonstration.  They will have chest waders for the public to wear and assist in the sampling methodologies.  Participants will take the opportunity to record observations as part of the post effectiveness monitoring work for the newly reconstructed Brewer Pond.

12pm - 1pm - Urban Tree Care with Keelan Arnold from the City's Forestry Services 

Join us for a presentation on why it's important to care for your trees and recommendations on how to do so.  Discussion to follow on the importance of trees on private property for the health and size of the urban tree canopy in Ottawa. 

1pm - 2pm - Ecology Ottawa Workshop for Kids on the Diversity and Interconnections of the Ecosystem around Brewer Pond

Join Ecology Ottawa for an interactive workshop to learn about the diversity and interconnection of the ecosystem around Brewer Pond. Kids will build a connected web of lives from collected materials in the forest and learn about each species' contribution to a healthy ecosystem.