September 17th - FAMILY DAY - All activities are free

10:00am - 3:00pm

Please note:  Outdoor Evening Film Screening - POSTPONED until September 24th  

Large-Scale Photography Exhibit:  

PhotoSynthesis is a photography exhibit that engages, informs, and inspires with images and perspectives of eight tree specialists from the Ottawa area, including a world-leading botanist and medical biologist, community activists, foragers and maple syrup producers, a violin maker, a forester, and a family physician. 

Craft tables, chairs, outdoor library

Food/Drink Vendors

Merry Dairy - Serving premium frozen custard and Merry Pops made in part from locally harvested fruit from edible fruit trees. 

Handsome Coffee Mobile Coffee - serving expresso, cappuccino, latte, chai latte and hot chocolate. 

Special Activities 

10am-10:45 - Storyhour - Tall Tree Tales with Sue

Sue from Sunnyside Library will lead tree and nature-themed storyhour for kids 0-6 years old. 


11:00-11:45  - Storyhour:  Tall Tree Tales with Sue

Sue from Sunnyside Library will lead tree and nature-themed storyhour for kids 0-6 years old. 


11:00 - 2:00pm - Field Studies Research Station with Carleton University's Department of Geography and Environmental Studies

Visit a research station set up by a professor and a few fourth year geography students to conduct field studies on the vegetation, soil and water around Brewer Pond. On this day the focus is on soil. Learn how soil testing is carried out and interact with students about conducting field studies of this nature. 


12:00pm - 1:00pm - Walk around Brewer Park with City Councillor David Chernushenko

Walk and talk around Brewer Park with David Chernushenko to learn about his family's involvement with Brewer Park and what you can do to support the greening of other parks in the city. 


2:00pm - 3:00pm - Guided Walk with tree enthusiast and master tree identifier Owen Clarkin

Learn about the trees around Brewer Pond. What species are they? How old are they? Are they native species or not? Owen will share his wealth of knowledge about identifying trees and share tidbits of information related to what makes trees so fascinating and incredible. 


7:00pm - 9:30pm - Outdoor Film Screening - POSTPONDED due to the likelihood of rain. Rebooked for September 24th. 

Bring a chair, a blanket, and sit back to enjoy high quality films. Presented in partnership with Forests Without Borders. 

7:00pm - Hidden Kingdoms (1 hour - BBC)  Immerse yourself in the lives of extraordinary characters that stand a few inches tall. From chipmunks to mice, be entertained and spellbound by the creatures that call the Hidden Kingdoms home.

8:00pm - Elisha and the Cacao Trees (17 mins - NFB).  This charming short documentary takes us on a trip to Belize, where we meet 13-year old Elisha, the daughter of a cacao farmer. What links a village in Belize and millions of North American kids? Chocolate!  We learn about Elisha's daily life and her dreams as she and her father show how cacao is grown, harvested and turned into chocolate. 

8:30pm - Spirit of the Trees (28 mins - NFB) 

Native Americans from the Southwest and California share the spirit of the trees through the voices of their sacred drums and flutes, their looms and weavings, their medicines, stewardship of their lands and cultural interdependence.