FESTIVAL PHOTOS from the 2017 Fall Tree Festival in Brewer Park

The fall tree festival was held on Saturday, September 23rd and 24th and despite the heat hundreds of people showed up and participated in the myriad of workshops and activities. Highlights of the festival included: 

1. Learning about trees and the urban forest through guided walks, story time, art and through the rich and meaningful interactions with others at the festival. 

2. Exploring Brewer Pond and the vicinity of the park close to the Rideau River. Staff from the Rideau Valley Conservation Authority were on hand with nets and chestwaders so that people could discover the species that live in the pond. City Stream Watch volunteers removed the invasive flowering rush from the pond. To continue re-foresting the banks of the pond, we planted 20 native saplings supplied by the City of Ottawa. 

3. Animating the park with tree-themed art and music. 

4. Soliciting input about the future design of the park close to the river and the pond. Two students from Carleton University asked people to draw their ideal version of the area around the pond. More than 80 individuals and groups sketched out their vision for the southern end of the park.